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Luxury Addiction and Mental Health Services in San Diego

Private addiction and mental health services in San Diego offered in a luxurious setting by a caring clinical and therapeutic team.

World Class Behavioral Health Services

Those struggling with substance abuse and addiction in the San Diego area now can receive world-class care and support while experiencing resort quality levels of comfort. Welcome to Lilac Recovery Center, your home away from home at the crossroads of high-end hospitality and compassionate, cutting-edge health care. We treat every visitor like exactly what they are: real human beings in need of help and empathy.

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Features you’ll find at Lilac Recovery Center’s luxury San Diego treatment facility include:

Private Bedrooms icon

Private Bedrooms

that include luxury furnishings

Gourmet Meals icon

Gourmet Meals

created with ingredients that are carefully chosen to support your overall wellness

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to personal electronic devices

Open Policy icon

An Open Policy

that is both safe and comfortable

1 on 1 Attention icon

One-on-One Attention

from highly qualified professionals

Healing Space icon

A Space to Heal

that is both safe and comfortable

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Lao Tzu

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Individualized Substance Use Disorder Care in San Diego

At Lilac Recovery Center, we strive for a personalized approach that allows each of our visitors to overcome their challenges in a beautiful, supportive setting. Your personalized recovery regimen may include yoga, guided meditation, or other alternative therapies. We offer a variety of tools because we want every patient to find what works for them and leave feeling empowered, refreshed, and ready to get back into the world and contribute to their fullest potential.

Our modern, elegant recovery center in San Diego, California is a state-of-the-art facility offering individualized, one-on-one care from dedicated addiction and mental health professionals. Services include:

Medical Detox photo graphic

Medical Detox

Individualized detox programs tailored to your struggles

Lilac Recovery Center residential facility photo

Residential Care

Inpatient residential treatment services
(fully customizable)

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Outpatient Program

Outpatient support programs

Personalized treatment at Lilac Recovery Center is the ideal option for anyone who wants to overcome their substance abuse disorder in a fully equipped medical facility with all the comforts of home. Rehab no longer means feeling ashamed or imprisoned. At Lilac Recovery Center, victory over drugs or alcohol means yoga, massages, amazing meals, and human connection, all on top of world-class medical and psychiatric services.

We are a Licensed and Accredited Treatment Facility

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Luxury Treatment, Lasting Recovery

Shame and guilt are not effective tools for overcoming a substance abuse crisis. Worse than simply being ineffective drivers of change, feelings of embarrassment, failure, and inadequacy can drive people back into the same toxic cycles that fueled their addiction in the first place.

At Lilac Recovery Center, we do things differently. We know the path to real, sustainable change isn’t found through shame or threats. Instead, we pursue change and healing through compassion, humanity, and collaboration. It can be hard work, but we’ll provide a luxurious, safe space to get it done together.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Medical Detox

For someone struggling with addictive drugs, the initial detox process can be one of the most stressful and overwhelming parts of seeking help. Lilac Recovery Center can help you make a safe, effective transition from withdrawal to recovery.

Here’s how we help you through your detox:

Medication Management

Trying to detox “cold turkey” is not just difficult. It can also be dangerous, and it often isn’t even a sustainable way to beat addictive cravings. Withdrawal from powerful drugs like opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol can result in serious side effects unless the process is managed with the help of a medical professional.

On-Site Medical Care

The sense of comfort and safety at Lilac Recovery Center isn’t just created by the luxurious private bedrooms. We have dedicated professionals on-site 24/7 so that you can get the support you need if you should have any complications during your detox.

Relapse Prevention

Therapy and detox go hand in hand. Our high-quality psychiatric and therapeutic support begins as soon as you arrive, allowing you to beat your addiction in both body and mind — a key to lasting recovery.

Residential Recovery Program

Residential care at Lilac Recovery Center can include both monitored detox services and longer-term rehab and therapy programs. The length of your stay and what it will entail are dependent on your individual journey and wellness goals.

The inpatient treatment program at Lilac Recovery Center may include:

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Individual Counseling icon

Individual Counseling

Medication Management icon

Medication Management

Support Groups icon

Individual Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy icon

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Family Visits icon

Family Visits/Family Therapy

Exercise icon

Yoga, Massage, and Other Complementary Therapies

Education icon

Education to Help You Develop the Skills Necessary for Sustainable Recovery

24/7 Medical Care icon

Access to 24/7 Medical Care and Addiction Recovery Support

Standard 30-day or 90-day rehab programs are available, but our luxury inpatient programs can also be customized to your needs. Your journey to healing, just like your struggles with substance abuse, will be deeply personal and individual.

MAT for Addiction Recovery

Outpatient Care

Outpatient services from Lilac Recovery Center are a great option for:

Outpatient care can include levels as well. For example, an individual might need partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient care before moving on to a longer term outpatient program.

Medication Management

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) can function as a bridge for someone who has completed inpatient rehab but still needs the structure provided by a robust treatment regimen. Patients in our partial hospitalization programs have access to many of the same resources our inpatient guests do.

On-Site Medical Care

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is similar to a PHP in that patients receive treatment during business hours before being released to their homes. However, IOP programs are shorter in duration and less frequent than PHP sessions.

Do You Take Insurance?

Yes. Lilac Recovery Center works with many of the most popular PPO insurance plans, including Humana and Tricare.

Recovery Client Testimonials

Lilac Recovery Center News & Blog

For additional inspiration as you prepare to undertake your journey to lasting recovery, spend some time browsing our informative blog. You’ll find health and wellness tips, important announcements, and news from the world of addiction recovery and behavioral health.

Lilac Recovery Center San Diego:

Your Luxury Home for Lasting Healing

If you or a loved one are seeking substance abuse treatment and mental health services in a comfortable, safe setting, contact Lilac Recovery Center today. Our world-class medical, psychiatric, therapy, and substance abuse professionals approach their work in a compassionate and shame-free way. We can help you develop lifelong tools to manage your struggles and begin building a solid foundation for a brighter, healthier future.