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Addiction Treatment Programs

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Lilac Recovery Center is a luxury addiction rehab and private detox center with locations in San Diego and Valley Center. Our goal of our addiction treatment programs is to help people fulfill their potential while avoiding the obstacles that can be caused by substance use disorder. In our southern California rehab facilities, we provide both substance use recovery and mental health programs for adults who are looking for a private, luxury facility that allows them to focus on individualized, holistic treatment. Lilac Recovery Center is a safe and comfortable place to make lasting, positive changes and overcome addiction.

Our addiction treatment programs include personalized, medically-assisted treatments that will focus on the needs of our clients while offering a luxurious, private space to focus on recovery.

Medical Detox

Medical detox is often the first step on the road to recovery. Detoxing can be an intense time because it is meant to cleanse the body of the harmful chemical substances that the addiction has caused the body to become dependent on. Detoxing alone can cause headaches, nausea, fatigue, and sometimes more serious side-effects like seizures and even death. That’s why it’s so important to have a private space. Lilac Recovery Center in San Diego and Valley Center provides this privacy.

Through individualized, 24-hour, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), clients who are experiencing alcohol addiction or drug addiction will safely and comfortably overcome the symptoms of withdrawal. During this process, we include individual therapy sessions, group meetings, and other forms of peer support to help clients keep a focus on healthy recovery.

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Residential Addiction Recovery

While outpatient addiction treatment programs work for many, some people prefer residential rehab. Our residential program provides the environment necessary to break the hold addiction can have, and we accept patients who live outside of San Diego. This program is highly accessible, as we work with many major insurance providers that cover the cost of treatment.

Clients can come stay at our luxury center from anywhere in the United States. With our private, single-person rooms, all residents have the space they need to reflect and heal. During the healing process, residents will work with a therapist who, together with the resident, will create a customized treatment plan to help them overcome their addiction. 

The clients of our residential rehab centers in San Diego and Valley Center enjoy a multitude of healthy and healing activities. These may include exercise, meditation, yoga, and massage therapy to help the mind and body feel relaxed, focused, and clear. This aids in the ability to heal not only physically, but mentally as well. Through expertly prepared meals, clients will learn how putting the right substances in the body can help to feel energized and rejuvenated.

For residents facing mental health concerns combined with addiction, Lilac Recovery Center offers dual diagnosis care. Our team will work with the individual to address all co-occurring disorders. Guided, residential recovery aims to provide healthy way to focus on mental health treatment without relying on addiction.

Most importantly, residents of our inpatient rehab will learn about relapse prevention. We help our residents to understand that challenges will confront them. Having the necessary mental and physical tools to work through those challenges will allow them to continue creating long-lasting change.

While in our residential program, residents have access to their family through visitation as well as continued access to electronic communication.

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Addition treatment programs are a step to a new beginning, a new you and a fresh start on life. Call our caring staff today to learn more.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery

Clients who are local to San Diego and Valley Center may prefer outpatient rehab over residential substance abuse treatment. In other cases, clients may finish treatment in our residential program and be discharged, but may still need treatment and opt to “step down” to outpatient programs. Other clients may find value in attending outpatient treatment while retaining the ability to work and fulfill family responsibilities at home.

No matter the situation, our outpatient addiction treatment programs and mental health treatment services provide clients the opportunity to access our intensive addiction treatment program at Lilac Recovery Center in San Diego, including medical and mental health appointments, therapists, group sessions, and more. Then, clients can return home to ensure an ongoing connection with their family and the community. Our services help the client feel supported during what could be one of the most vulnerable points of the recovery process.

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Aftercare Recovery Planning

Aftercare Planning and Support

After completing treatment for substance use disorders, it can feel difficult to regain a sense of independence. Our aftercare support programs mean that when our clients leave our facility, they are not alone. Clients leave treatment feeling empowered through an individualized plan. Depending on their unique needs, this plan can help individuals develop healthy coping skills to deal with triggers like, stress, and cravings as well as everyday situations such as finding a job, housing, and more. To support this plan, we offer clients a variety of options through activities, alumni group sessions, and an abundance of resources that can help continue the positive transformation.

Your Insurance May Cover The Cost of Treament

Lilac Recovery Center in Valley Center works with many popular PPO insurance plans, including Humana and Tricare. Click below to verify your benefits. 

We do not accept Medi-Cal Medicare or Medicaid.

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Addiction Treatment Programs in Southern California

It is never easy to accept that addiction has caused your life to spiral out of control, but recognizing that there is a problem is the first word in the next chapter of life. Facing the challenges of recovery can be painful, but you are not alone. Addiction treatment can help you understand your addiction, confront it, and overcome it to lead a fulfilling life in recovery.

Whether you are local to San Diego or you live across the country, Lilac Recovery Center can design personalized addiction treatment programs for substance use disorder. We can verify your insurance for free and get you connected with alcohol and drug rehab programs.