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Residential and Outpatient Rehab for Young Adults

rehab for young adults

When it comes to addiction treatment, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. For example, women have unique concerns when it comes to substance use treatment as do men, and young adults have challenges that are unique to those of older generations. For young adults or the parents of  young adults seeking treatment for drugs or alcohol, it’s important to find a treatment center that appreciates these nuances.

 If you are looking for a rehab for young adults in California, Lilac Recovery Center is highly in tune with the needs of young adults 18-26.  We understand the very real challenges this age group faces in recovery as they also transition into independent adults. Our team is committed to providing individualized treatment. Call us today at 442-341-6400 to learn more about our treatment programs for young men and women, or use our insurance verification form to get started now.

When Do Young Adults Need Addiction Treatment?

It’s quite common in our society for teens and young adults to experiment with drugs and alcohol and for many young men and women, binge drinking is part of college campus culture. For many people, this type of experimentation and heavy drinking subsides as they move into adulthood, but some find it hard to break the cycle of heavy substance use.

Young adults have their entire lives ahead of them, so the consequences of addiction may not feel as “heavy” as someone who is a bit older and has a career to maintain, a family to raise and a mortgage to pay. This can make it harder to assess when drinking or drug use has gotten out of control. Sometimes it takes a wake-up call like a DUI or other brush with the law to put things in perspective. But it’s important not to wait for something like this to happen before taking action and regaining control.

Signs a young adult might need treatment can include things like:

  • Blackouts and memory loss while using alcohol or other substances
  • A DUI or other brush with the legal system related to substance use
  • A growing tolerance – that is, needing more of the substance to feel its effects
  • Relationship troubles with friends, significant others or close family
  • Isolating from friends or family
  • Frequent absences from work or school related to substance use
  • Significant decline in performance in school or at work
  • Decreased interest in hobbies or recreational activities
  • Prior attempts at quitting have failed

Young adults who are grappling with dependency on alcohol or drugs have little time for anything else. They tend to prioritize activities that involve the ability to consume substances, or they may isolate themselves at home with their substance of choice.

Rehabs that work with young adults help them not only recover from addiction, but help them strengthen the skills they will need to transition into healthy, self-sufficient adults.

What Are the Unique Concerns for Young Adults Battling Addiction?

Young adults with addiction struggles often also have underlying mental health concerns that can exacerbate substance use. Drugs and alcohol are very common ways young people self-medicate when dealing with things like trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. When someone experiences co-occurring addiction and mental health struggles, those things tend to feed off each other cyclically. Young adults need an environment with teams that are highly experienced in dual diagnosis and are able to treat both the addiction and the mental health concerns holistically.

Family therapy is also very important in helping young adults overcome substance use disorder. A good rehab for young men and women should offer family therapy that helps parents, siblings and other close relatives understand the nature of their loved one’s addiction and helps provide tools that allow the family unit to heal and move forward. 

When seeking out the best rehab for young adults, verify that the program offers: 

 Find Young Adult Addiction and Mental Health Treatment at Lilac Recovery Center

Lilac Recovery Center offers outpatient programs for young adults who live in the San Diego and Valley Center areas of California. However, we also offer residential treatment whether the client is local, from another region or even another state. We accept most major insurance, and we are happy to speak to any young adult or family member of a young adult who may feel apprehensive about seeking rehab. Contact us today online or please call 442-341-6400 at any time to speak with an intake specialist who can answer your questions.