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Luxury Alcohol and Drug Rehab Near Temecula

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At Lilac Recovery Center, we extend our luxury addiction and mental health treatment services to Temecula, CA, community. Our rehab center is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment, blending evidence-based practices with holistic therapies for a customized long-term recovery approach.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance use dependence, and/or mental health issues, reach out to Lilac Recovery Center to begin your journey toward recovery today.

Private Detox

For residents of Temecula looking for a place to detox in private, Lilac Recovery Center offers first-class facilities and superior support. We assist people looking to detox from alcohol, prescription opiates, non-prescription opiates and narcotics.

 Detox is only the first step in a holistic recovery program, and our team will create a custom treatment plan both during and after medical detox.  For a safe, secure, private environment, contact Lilac Recovery Center.

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Residential Rehab

Our residential program for substance abuse recovery provides effective rehab for Temecula residents battling substance use dependence, including drug and alcohol recovery. We understand that addiction involves physical, mental, and emotional challenges and our programs are tailored to the individual. Our luxury residential center offers private rooms, a pool, a gym and more. Additionally, our counseling and mental health services offer a variety of therapeutic methods, such as individual counseling, group sessions, and holistic techniques, including equine therapy.

Start Your Recovery Today

Addiction Treatment is within reach. Call us today to take the first steps for you or a loved one. We accept many major insurance, making luxury rehab accessible.

Outpatient Rehab

We understand that residential addiction treatment isn’t always practical. Our outpatient rehab programs are designed to help our clientele keep their home and work obligations while seeking treatment for substance use and/or mental health concerns.  Contact us today to learn more about these outpatient programs, which are covered by most major insurance.

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Aftercare Recovery Planning

Holistic Mental Health Treatment

Addiction doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Many people suffering from substance use disorders also suffer with mental health concerns including – but not limited to PTSD, anxiety, or depression. Our dual diagnosis programs provide exceptional, customized therapies that address these concerns.

We offer a range of treatments including trauma therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, equine therapy as well as wellness programs. Here, we treat the whole person, not just one aspect of a disorder.

Insurance Coverage for Rehab in Temecula

Lilac Recovery Center in Valley Center works with many popular PPO insurance plans, including Humana and Tricare. Click below to verify your benefits. 

We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.

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Addiction Recovery is Nearby

It is never easy to accept that addiction has caused problems in your life.  But when you’re ready to awsk for help, Lilac Recovery Center is here for you.  

Whether you are local to Temecula or you live across the country, Lilac Recovery Center can connect you with treatment for substance use disorder and mental health concerns in a luxury environment.  We can verify your insurance for free and get you connected with alcohol and drug rehab programs suited to your unique situation and needs.