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Substance Use Disorder Aftercare Program

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When battling a substance use disorder, the road to sobriety can be a long and daunting one. Rehab centers can help you stay clean for the short term, but you need the skills to keep yourself healthy and happy without the desire to turn to drugs or alcohol. That’s why at Lilac Recovery Center, we offer luxury aftercare services to our clients. We work to help them stay sober in the long term and offer a luxurious and comfortable place to be throughout their care.

Our goal is simple. We want to help everyone to live their best lives without the threat of a substance use disorder. If you’re looking for aftercare treatment for addiction in San Diego, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

Aftercare Services

What are addiction treatment aftercare services?

Aftercare is the period of time after completing treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, during which recovering users receive additional support to help them adjust to everyday life.

We provide every aspect of substance use treatment and care, and aftercare is no exception. During aftercare planning, we work to help you stay motivated toward the goal of staying sober and living healthily. This applies even after you return to normal life and face the stressors that may threaten to trigger a relapse. Our aftercare programs focus on continued mental health treatment, learning to cope with potential triggers and support that will help you even after you leave.

These services include meeting with a therapist as well as a substance use disorder support group, practicing mindfulness techniques, and start to plan what care is needed once you leave rehab. For example, you might need to set up individual therapy, find local meetings, outpatient care or sober housing.

Having a solid aftercare plan ensures you have anticipated your future needs and are prepared with the right people and programs to help you stay on track. Our providers will help you identify what services are needed for your success and give you the opportunity to work on building your support system.

Long Term Recovery Planning in a Luxury Setting

While you are with us, you are in luxury care. We know that recovering from a substance use disorder can be scary even after you’re sober. Our rehab center is designed to maximize your comfort and happiness whether you’re going through detox and withdrawal or are learning the skills necessary to avoid a relapse.

Each of our clients gets a private and state-of-the-art bedroom, access to electronics, visits from loved ones, and delicious, healthy, meals prepared by expert cooks. Our facilities are smaller, so we can focus more on individualized treatment and dedicate the time and attention every client needs, without getting too crowded and complicated. Despite our size, however, we offer our treatment services to everyone 18 and older, no matter who you are or how you identify.

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Our therapies don’t just end with speaking with a psychiatrist or a support group, either. From massage therapy to meditation, we make sure you’re able to relax and avoid stressors, teaching you valuable mindfulness skills or releasing your physical tension. We offer dual diagnosis treatment as well because we know that many substance use disorders aren’t just caused by the addictive substances. In many instances, underlying mental health disorders also need treatment to help avoid a relapse. To keep you healthy, our aftercare services involve treating your problem from every angle and don’t simply aim at keeping you sober, but sober and in a better mental state than when you came in.

Why Do You Need Aftercare?

As mentioned, getting sober is only one step to truly kicking a substance use disorder. Once you’re outside of the rehab center, you’re likely going to reencounter the same stressors and triggers that compelled you to turn to substances in the first place. Without a proper aftercare plan, a relapse becomes far more likely. We don’t just want you to stay sober for a day — we want to help you stay sober for life, and to live happier, longer, and healthier as a result. That’s why we offer our aftercare services to all clients in need of extra help before returning to normal life.

A solid aftercare plan and ongoing support is the best way to keep yourself safe and in control of your life. You won’t have to deal with your problems alone. We will be there with you every step of the way until you truly are ready to move on, and we’ll still be here if you need us once again.

Through groups and aftercare planning, you’ll be taught the skills needed to face and overcome obstacles that would’ve normally threatened your ability to stay sober. Through mindfulness and meditation, you’ll learn how to calm down and accept your emotions and struggles without judgment or fear. Through continued counseling, you will grow a support network and have people to talk to when you need help. Through dual diagnosis treatment, even your underlying mental health concerns will become something you have the tools to handle.

Lilac Recovery Home

Why Choose Lilac Recovery Center?

Lilac Recovery Center is a luxury rehabilitation center dedicated to helping you be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself- long after you leave our inpatient care. With our individualized care, we can make sure the individual has the tools they need to be successful during and after the daily structured care over.

There’s no need to go through a generalized treatment program in a facility that doesn’t work for you. Your needs come first to us, and we’ll make sure to give you the care you deserve.

We strive to provide the best recovery services in the most comfortable environment available to you as you recover. We take the stress and discomfort out of the rehabilitation process with our luxurious facilities, excellent food and other amenities, such as access to personal electronics. Recover in peace and safety, while still gaining the skills to return to ordinary life.